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"Helping you take ownership of your inner Queen."


Based in Brisbane, Tayla Morrison is an experienced Personal Trainer, a Master Practitioner in NLP, a Mindset Coach and a Sex and Relationship Psycho-Sexologist in the making with Australian education. She is extremely passionate in helping women feel great about their self-esteem, physical health and wellbeing, and their sexual health and confidence. 


With a holistic outlook on life, Tayla loves to educate and train her clients to be the best they can be whilst giving them the tools and the knowledge to feel sure about their desired goals they're working towards. 


Qualifications include: 

- Masters in Neuro Linguistic Programming 

- Currently completing studies in Counselling & Sexology 

- Cert III & IV in Fitness and Personal Training 

- Cert IV in Mat & Reformer Pilates 

- Advanced Diploma in Dance 


A natural born communicator, Tayla's passion lies in help women feel empowered by feeling fit and sexy and taking the taboo out of sex, instead creating a fun and safe environment for clients to feel confident about their desires and their relationships. 

  • Meg

    Tayla was my first ever trainer. It's because of her that I can now go to the gym by myself and know what to do. She is kind, patient and uplifting to train with. She always uses positive reinforcements to motivate me instead of comparisons or criticisms which I think is important. I feel that she really cares about people she takes on and see's them for their strengths and not their limitations.

    She's also lovely to speak to and someone you'd look forward to seeing every session. But most of all, she's a great PT and dedicated to her job.

  • Stacey

    Tayla has so much passion for her work and always focusses on giving me the best possible result for my own personal growth. She is so passionate about helping women to embrace, love & accept themselves.  Working 1:1 with Tayla always leaves me feeling inspired, uplifted, encouraged and feeling more self-love and acceptance. 

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