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Do you have trouble talking about or feeling comfortable in your own skin? With sex? Feeling undesirable? Lacking motivation? Lacking in self worth and self love? Commencing on August 14th 2023, this 8 week program has been designed to help women in the areas of sex + fitness + nutrition. 

Learn from the sex and fitness Goddess herself, Tayla Morrison, to becoming the most desirable, fit and healthy woman that knows their body inside and out and radiates with confidence. With a holistic, light-hearted outlook on life, Tayla loves to support her clients to be the best they can be. She believes it is through the power of self awareness and positive everyday habits and rituals that will ensure her clients get the success and results they’re after. 

The full brochure with an outline of the entire program and what to expect is available on the @taylamadecoaching Instagram bio or simply click HERE

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